Outreach Services


TWGHs Kitty Woo Music and Art Development Centre (Academy of Music)

As an education service centre of TWGHs, the Academy aims to provide excellent and affordable music training services to schools so students could learn music with less concern on financial matters.

In addition to the diverse music and arts courses offered by the centre, the Academy of Music provides quality music training services for schools, coordinates and develops music programmes, organises concerts and overseas cultural exchange tours serving 12 schools and 2 projects with nearly 3,000 persons per year. List of schools/projects:

Primary Schools

  • Sau Ming Primary School
  • The Mission Covenant Church Holm Glad Primary School
  • TWGHs Chow Yin Sum Primary School
  • TWGHs Hok Shan School
  • TWGHs Hong Kong & Kowloon Electrical Appliances Merchants Association Ltd. School
  • TWGHs Ko Ho Ning Memorial Primary School
  • TWGHs Leo Tung-hai LEE Primary School
  • TWGHs Ma Kam Chan Memorial Primary School
  • TWGHs Sin Chu Wan Primary School
  • TWGHs Shui Chuen O Primary School
  • TWGHs Tang Shiu Kin Primary School
  • TWGHs Wong See Shum Primary School
  • TWGHs Wong Yee Jar Jat Memorial Primary School
  • TWGHs Yau Dak Chi Memorial Primary School (Yuen Long)

Secondary School

  • TWGHs Mrs Fung Wong Fung Ting College
  • TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College


  • TWGHs E Major Ensemble
  • TWGHs Joint Primary Schools Choir
  • TWGHs Mok Wong Fung Yee Home for the Elderly

*By Alphabetical order

Performance Invitation

If you would like to invite our orchestras/bands/students to perform, please provide event details by filling in the online registration form. Our team will contact you soon.

For further details of our outreach services, please email us at twam-info@tungwah.org.hk