TWGHs Kitty Woo Music and Art Development Centre (Kidenza)

Established in October 2014, Kidenza is a service unit under TWGHs Kitty Woo Music and Art Development Centre, which specialized in music and art education for kids aged from 3 to 10.

“Kidenza” is a blended word formed by combining “kid” and “cadenza”, which the later refers to the virtuoso solo passage in the concerto for the soloist to exhibit his artistry and technique. Kidenza aims to inspire the students with its diversified music and art programmes. By exploring the fun in learning, boosting their creativity and self-confidence, and building proper characters, Kidenza fosters the happy upbringing of the children for their future cadenza in life.

Kidenza offers music and art programmes, seminars, workshops and activities for students and their parents. We also collaborate with Vienna Boys Choir Music Academy (VBCMA) to have their choir programmes in the centre.